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Lectera is an international online learning platform. Founded in 2020 start-up with offices in Dubai and Miami.
We offer online courses for professional and financial growth, based on innovative Fast Education technology, thanks to which you can build a successful career and reach your goals faster.
Our international awards:
EdTech Breakthrough Awards 2021 in the nomination “Best Educational Platform for Lifelong Learning.”
Second place in the top 10 best technology startups in Florida according to StartupCity
The most popular educational platform in Latin America, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa
Lectera CEO Mila Semeshkina is in the international top 19 of EdTech projects founders
Available languages:
About us:
Students from all over the world rely on us
People who strive for better life and higher income
Our audience:
Businessmen and entrepreneurs
Housewives and teenagers
Participants in corporate education
from 50 countries
Karlasnotes (Mexico)
We offer courses for all directions and ages:
Wide international recognition:
Pakman (USA)
Gayathry (India)
Soft skills
Our Fast Education methodology
study anytime in any convenient place

develop new skills

gain practical knowledge by devoting only 15-20 minutes a day to classes –– on your way to work or during lunch break.
It's based on evidence learning theories:
Colb Cycle is a cyclic repetition of actions that allows you to turn ordinary knowledge into a working skill quickly
Fast education means asynchronous study and microlearning courses which a person learns in parts, following their own schedule. It allows you:
Andragogy is a unique approach to teaching adults, taking into account their pace of life, needs, and psychology
Self-paced learning is when there is no external control and pressure on students to let everyone learn the way they are comfortable with
The main elements of our learning process are:
a self-reflection tool that helps to problematize the lesson theme or to feel the range of situations where the knowledge from the lesson can be used.
2-3 steps guide after the lesson which helps students to check what they shall do with the new information and to apply it to their life.
the main terms that are explained under the video in every lesson of the course.
designed pdfs with text versions of lessons and useful guides, checklists, workbooks, and templates related to the theme of every lesson of the course.
Additional materials
short videos split into 5-7 minutes parts, one lesson is from 15 to 30 minutes. That makes learning incredibly flexible and suitable for modern life's rigid rhythm.
Video lessons
a diagnostic tool which helps our students to understand if the lesson was learned well or not.
Lectera is on the trends frontline.
Lectera is a platform that works to make Sustainable Development a reality:
OECD report says 2030 education megatrends for Sustainable Development are:
Source: The Future of Education and Skills 2030, OECD
Source: The Global Sustainable Development Report, United Nations
lifelong learning (learning to learn)
creativity, social and emotional skills
physical and mental health
flexible educational systems
non-linear learning process
innovational education
society's digitalisation
Reduced Inequalities — online-learning is available for people with disabilities, and multi-format helps them to find their own learning mode
Gender Equality — is one of the main points of our quality standards which finds reflection in our courses content
Decent work and Economic growth — we help our students to increase human capital
Quality Education — that is our main agenda
Partnership with Lectera
What do we offer:
Access to 180,000
users of our community
Mutually beneficial collaboration and promotion
to interact with your customers and advertise your service
Innovative way
of Lectera Partnership Program
Become a part
a short educational course with us –– free of charge for the audience
to 1.011.000 users of our community
collaboration and promotion
Mutually beneficial
for the better with us!
Change this world
What do we expect from our partners:
Lectera + partner = new opportunities for growth and promotion
What Lectera provides:
unique content to develop a high-quality educational course

an expert who can act as a speaker of the course and create it together with our international team
building a course with innovative Fast Education methodology

video production

translation to key languages

landing page and promotion
Ideas for collaboration with SAP
an expert who can act as a speaker of the course and create it together with our international team
Possible topics of the educational course we can create together:
What makes SAP a great place to work?
Start your career as a SAP consultant
Top 10 business goals for small businesses. SAP solution
Benefits from the collaboration
with Lectera
What we get:
What you get:
new effective marketing channel

a chance to turn 1.011.000 of Lectera students to SAP users and gain customers

transparent accountability and statistics

innovative way to educate your audience –– at Lectera we know how to turn your complex product user manuals into a digestible and easy learning journey with our own Fast Education methodology

beneficial promotion of your service in our marketing channels

bypass your competitors through the collaboration with the educational market leader
accomplishment of our mission to give a chance to transform lives through free or affordable education
How about we make something awesome together?
LECTERA DMCC, Office units 2005 to 2008, Platinum Tower, Cluster I, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE
LECTERA LLC, 1990 NE 163RD Street, #233 North Miami Beach, FL, US 33162
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