Communication Guru. A Guide To Affecting People
Creating personal development strategy including the techniques of non-verbal impact and active listening
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Personal relationships
Social life
Яндекс.Дзен — это контентная платформа для авторов, брендов и медиа.
By learning how to communicate, you will always succeed in the following spheres of life

The course programme
Lesson 1. Impact
We will obtain basic knowledge about emotions and learn some exercises that will help you to develop consciousness
Lesson 2. Facial expressions and body positions
The people we are talking to always "read" our body language. We will analyse the information they may get from your clothing style, gestures, and posture, and you will learn how to turn these data in your favour.
Lesson 3. Voice
Those who intend to grab everyone's attention should be confident speakers. We know the techniques to make your voice sound good.
Lesson 4. How to write and speak properly
We will tell you how to compile a text for a speech or a presentation to make the audience hold their breath.
Lesson 5. Communication with respect
We will get right into details of business negotiation art, learn etiquette and the techniques of productive communication
Lesson 6. The art of negotiation
We will teach you the most effective negotiation methods including an absolute must-have - active listening
Lesson 7. Motivation
We analyse how to motivate someone to agree with you and develop your own motivation
Lesson 8. How to conquer the audience
You will learn how to make an instant good impression on interlocutors, as well as master the secrets of communication gurus and some of their faultless techniques
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The course programme
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The ability to communicate effectively can open any door
Success comes more easily to those who know the right way to present themselves, build a relationship with mates, superiors, clients, and business partners. In private life, good interpersonal skills may be quite helpful when you want to expand your social circle, make friends with someone or find common ground with your loved ones.

Forget about the fear of starting a conversation with a stranger or speaking in public. Upgrade your communication skills and feel confident: you are perfectly able to conquer people's hearts at first sight.
This course is for you if you want to
Яндекс.Дзен — это контентная платформа для авторов, брендов и медиа.
faultless techniques to influence people
confident and behave confidently, too, when speaking in front of the audience
Convincingly prove
your point in negotiations
more attractive for others, make a good impression
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Communication Guru. A Guide To Affecting People
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Learn how to make the impression you need and you will be appreciated!
Online course
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